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Sliced Beef

A la carte menu


SOPA DE PEIXE - Creamy fish soup with goat cheese cruoton   £6.50


COGUMELOS - Mushrooms with spinach, onion & mature cheddar G.F  £6.75

GAMBAS- Peeled king prawns in piri piri, garlic sauce, toast G.F   £8.25

CALAMARI- Rings in light butter, garlic mayonnaise   £7.25



STEAK ON HOT STONE - ( cooked by you ) 10oz extra mature sirloin 

with chips £23.95
Pepper or Red Wine sauce - £2.50

BIFE A PORTUGUESA - 10oz extra mature sirloin steak & portuguese sauce (gravy) with red wine,

mature ham, creamy spinach & fried potatoes £24.95

ESPETADA - Portuguese skewer with beef cubes (mature sirloin)

Season with finest rock salt, garlic & bay leaves (traditional Madeira way) served with chips  £19.95

FRANGO PIRI PIRI - chicken in famous piri piri sauce and chips £15.95

PAELLA - Rice, kings prawns, mussels, clams, choriço £21.95

RED PEPPERS RECHEADO – Stuffed with rissotto & mozzarrella

served with sweet potato chips  V   £15.50




Chips- £3.50
Sebz olives - garlic,chillis,oregano & olive oil- £3.95
Greek salad - tomatos,cucumber,olives,feta,mixed herbs £5.95
French bread £2.00

Garlic bread - £4.50 

Garlic bread with mozzarella & tomato - £5.50


If you have any allergies, please let a member of staff know.
Some of our dishes may have traces of hazelnuts.

We charge a discretionary service charge of 10% for parties over 6 people

and on Friday and Saturday evenings

Beef Steak
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