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Image by Kaitlin Dowis

Sebz Takeaway Tapas

Choose from our TAPAS menu below and order via our fb page or by calling the restaurant.

Orders taken 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm on Friday & Saturday for collection between 4.00 pm to 6.00pm only

No takeaways after 6.00 pm

Collection at the front door of the restaurant

3 X TAPAS for £12.95
Individual TAPAS £4 each

📞 Call 01452 310599



Paella Valenciana com frango e marisco
Seafood rice, chicken, chorizo, salami G.F

Almondegas em mollho de tomate e manjericão
Meatballs in tomato & basil sauce

Tosta com salmão fumado
Bruschetta with smoked salmon & mozzarella

Favas com molho de pimentão e cebola V
Broad beans in shallots & sweet peppers sauce G.F

Entrecosto com molho de churrasco
Spare ribs with garlic, white wine & barbecue sauce G.F

Pasteís de bacalhau com molho picante
Salt cod fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce

Queijo frito com picante e mel de cana V
Pan-fried spicey halloumi glaze with honey & pepperonata G.F

Pimentos com Mediterranean risotto e parmesan V
Grilled peppers stuffed with mediterranean risottoo & parmesan G.F

Frango a Mediterraneo (picante e doce)
Mediterranean chicken strips in sweet chilli sauce ( mild spicy) G.F

Carne com molho de Pimenta
Slow cooked beef with pepper sauce G.F

Batatas bravas com molho de tomate picante V
Fried potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce G.F

Sebz assas de frango a pirí pirí
Sebz pírí pirí chicken wings (crispy) G.F

Queijo frito em pão ralado e mollho de tomate V
(Carrozza) deep-fried mozzarella in bread crumbs & tomato sauce

Cogumelos com espinafre e cebola caramelizadas V
Open mushrooms with spinach, caramelized onion & mature cheddar G.F

Barriga de porco com molho de vinho tinto
Braised belly pork in red wine sauce G.F

Gambas com alho e pirí pirí
Peeled prawns in garlic & piri piri sauce G.F

Choriço com vinho tinto
Choriço in red wine

Batata gratinada com queijo V
Dauphinoise potatoes & flakes of parmesan G.F

Olives- garlic,chillis,oregano & olive oil- £3.50 / Home made-chips- £3.50
Greek salad- tomatoes, cucumber, olives, feta, mix herbs- £5.50
Bread- French- £2.00 / Garlic- £3.50 / Mozzarella & tomato- £4.50
Sebz salad-olives, tomato, cucumber, apple, mango, red peppers, feta £5.50

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